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Hello !

    I have always enjoyed taking on challenges, and stepping out of my comfort zone has been an integral part of my life to this day. In 1996, I decided to leave my native country, France, to settle in Quebec, for the beautiful eyes of the love of my life, Sylvie. Thank you for supporting me and for continuing to do so with so much patience and selflessness!

    I had dreamed for many years of an early retirement to enjoy some freedom. Liberté '55', a wish, a dream that took shape a year and a half after the initial schedule.

    Life gave me this opportunity mid 2019, the alignment of the planets meant that the time had come to start a new chapter. We turn a chapter of professional life, the offspring begin to fly with their own wings, and prepare for the greatest successes, and we find ourselves a bit like a young teenager who discovers a new aspect of life.

    One of the first objectives of this new freedom of pre-retirement, was to take advantage of this free time to explore the 4 corners of the planet. But, there is often a 'but'... at the start of 2020, a pandemic turns into a grain of sand, and comes to block the wheels of all these beautiful travel plans.

    Realizing quite quickly that taking a plane and going to the other side of the world for several weeks or months became impossible immediately, another activity should take over.

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The beginnings

    For several years, a certain attraction for creativity and visual art in particular, had captured my intention. I had tried several times to design works, wood being at that time a medium of choice for me. Here are some achievements of the time.



    After these first attempts, I became particularly interested in the mechanisms related to creativity. The web is full of resources, and by carefully selecting certain conferences, I was able to better understand certain aspects directly related to the creative capacity of each of us. If you are interested in this subject, I could recommend the TED talks online.

    My first attempts on canvas focused on a style of painting that was not very demanding in terms of technique, but rather favoring quick results and with a certain aestheticism. The colors, their arrangement and the fluidity of the results, were at the time the main attractions of this technique, also called 'pouring'.


    Here are some achievements from this period.


Brushes and knives

    After experimenting with the different possibilities offered by this pouring approach, and despite acceptable visual results, the lack of control over the final result led me to other choices.

    The next step led me to painting with a mixed technique of conventional brushstrokes combined with the use of knives. The color gradients with the traces of different colors with the knives allowed me to better master these different techniques, and to have a finer control over the final result.


Cards to share

    At the same time as these experiments, I became interested in the notion of sharing abstract creations using 400 g paper as a support, therefore with a fairly pronounced grain. From these realizations, I designed several series of cards to share.


    You can find information about this concept on my YouTube channel and the playlist on this subject from this link . Here are some examples of these achievements.



    After this interlude on the cards, and the attraction for the relief of these cards, I concentrated on other paintings implementing textures of different types. The textures allow you to add more depth to the painting in a natural way, the choice of colors and different shades combined with transparency, accentuate these depth effects in beautiful ways.

    Here are my latest productions

Les fondamentaux

    Dans l’ensemble de mes dernières productions, vous pourrez constater et apprécier, je l’espère, les différents grands principes de la peinture.

     Ces fondamentaux existent depuis plusieurs siècles, et font appels à de multiples facettes, bien évidement et pour les plus connus des amateurs d’art ,l’harmonie des combinaisons, et le nombre d’or peuvent représenter un socle incontournable.


     Mais la dissimulation de forme simple comme le carré ou le rectangle, et la présence de pentagone, renforcent le dialogue entre les formes des différents styles de peinture classique, moderne et contemporaine.


      D’autres enseignements comme le développé des modelés au début du 20ième  siècle permettent d’offrir de belles opportunités pour renforcer la composition de tableaux abstraits. La création de structure dynamique pour favoriser une organisation du mouvement permet de guider le regard de façon efficace.

      Enfin , le maintien d’une certaine ambiguïté spatiale propre à l’art abstrait contemporain, est un des buts recherché dans l’expression de mes dernières productions



If you would like to discuss with me, do not hesitate to write to me via  my website or my e-mail address.

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See you soon

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