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Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one has ever thought.

Albert Einstein

Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist (1879 - 1955)

Tableau Abstrait CAHIFU
Tableau abstrait PODUJA


     If you have any questions about one of my abstract painting productions that you have discovered on my site, or for any other question relating to my paintings, do not hesitate to contact me, I will make it my duty to answer you as soon as possible. promptly.

     If you're wondering how it all started, you can use this link .

    You can use this contact form by following this link or use my email address !



Are the canvas protected?

Several coats of varnish (minimum 3 coats) are systematically applied to my paintings. Depending on the color and the desired effect, these layers of varnish can be mat, satin or shiny. This protection makes it possible to guarantee a certain resistance of the colors and to protect them from any accidental projections.

How is my painting prepared for shipping?

Each painting is carefully prepared to ensure safe transport. The painting is wrapped in bubble wrap, before being positioned in a rigid cardboard packaging.

When you receive your painting, you will notice that the cardboard wrapping the painting has been secured with adhesive tape ... Do not use a cutter, scissors or knife to free the painting as this may damage the canvas. . Carefully peel off the tape, and the cardboard sheets will release the board without damage.

What documents accompany my painting?

Each shipment contains the following:

  • Painting

  • A certificate of authenticity, signed and dated.

  • Cover letter

  • And for some painting an explanatory note on the table.

How to place an order and make a payment?


In order to make sure that the acquisition of a painting is a thoughtful act, as opposed to a compulsive buying action in front of a computer screen, you will not find a button allowing you to do the purchase instantly, Sorry! But in order to offer you flexibility and simplicity, here are the different steps that I suggest:

1 - Reserve the painting you have chosen, by filling out a form from the description page of the painting.

2 - You will receive a first automated email confirming the reservation of this painting. A second email will be sent to you to confirm the information you provided, as well as the total cost for shipping based on your geographic location.

3 - Finally, information (invoice) to proceed with the payment will be sent to you and as soon as the payment has been made and confirmed, the shipment will be made. Currently only payments via the PayPal platform are accepted for our common security.


These 3 steps therefore allow you to make sure that you have made the right choice for yourself, and offer you the possibility to go back at any time if necessary, and thus cancel your reservation.

Can I get a refund?


It can happen for multiple reasons that an acquirer wants a refund. In this case, the work must be returned to me at the expense of the purchaser under the conditions of the initial shipment to guarantee safe new transport. Once the painting has been received and in the condition in which it was originally shipped, the refund will be made.

In order to prevent this situation from repeating itself, I accept the reimbursement of a maximum of 2 tables for one and the same purchaser.

How are the pictures taken?



All the main shots of the paintings exhibited on this site are taken under artificial light. 2 or 3 different light sources of 5500K are used to ensure an optimal rendering of the colors, and of the surface structure. Some auxiliary views may benefit from other artificial or natural lighting. It is important to note that very dark colors, as well as metallic paints, are real challenges for a non-professional photographer! The layer of varnish (satin in most cases) also increases this level of difficulty in rendering colors as faithful as possible.

What are the estimated shipping costs?



        If you do not live in an area where preparation and transport are included, fees may be added. In this case we will contact you to find the best alternative. You can also contact me directly, via this contact link. ​

       In most cases, the selected carrier is Canada Post. Of course, depending on the size of the canvas and the destination, the prices may vary. After reserving a canvas, an overall estimate of your purchase will be provided to you via email with a quote.

Tax advantages (only for CANADA)


In order to help the acquisition of works of art, several tax incentives have been put in place by the various levels of Canadian government.


These tax benefits can be translated as follows:


"an annual capital cost allowance corresponding to 20% of the amount paid, at the federal level, and 33.3%, in Quebec"


To find out the details of these advantages, such as the eligibility conditions, the conditions to be respected, and several other aspects, you can consult, for information purposes, the following links:

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