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Abstract canvas and texture

Contemporary abstract art and textures

Discover your future abstract environment

Abstract Paintings

      Abstract painting offers a great diversity of style  that can appeal to many people. An abstract painting is above all, a good that will enhance your environment either private or professional.

     From the choice of colors and the arrangement of textures, the impression and the feeling that they create are specific to each of us. Abstract art makes it possible to release emotions and sensations without any relation to physical objects of our daily life, even if some are still looking for such a link!

      Another advantage of an abstract painting is the timelessness it offers.

     The always perceptible grain of the cotton or linen canvas makes it possible to highlight the authentic value of an original canvas.

    The combination of textures and relief with metallic colors enhance the effects and adapt perfectly throughout the day in different lighting.

     And finally, nothing would replace an original work in a home, to enhance its warmth and artistic touch.  !

Abstract canvas texture "GULISA"

The "Abstract societal experience" Cards

Carte poste à partager

     The different  cards offered on this site represent a continuation of the same work. The idea is to share part of the same unique and original painting with loved ones and thus strengthen the emotional bond within family and friends.


    And why not, gather these different cards during your next meeting to piece together this mini puzzle! It's up to you to show imagination and creativity...


    All cards are made the same way,  and are delivered with the envelopes. All you have to do is complete them with a message for your loved ones before sending them.

No reproduction
No impression
Only original and unique paintings

You can also watch the following video directly related to the concept of sharing

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